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Proper Disposal Of Homecoming Floats

October 5, 2016 | By | No Comments

WOW 3-2! Way to go Penn State. Here’s hoping for another Win against
Maryland on Saturday.

If you need any last minute help to get ready for Homecoming, we invite
you to take advantage of the FRATFIX Event Planning Service which includes
rentals, promotional items, security fencing, help with floats, etc.

For details call Greg at (814) 880-3131 or visit our website,

If you should need help at the parade’s staging area, FRATFIX will be
there to assist the organizers as needed.

IMPORTANT: Please read the notice below, it is a synopsis of a notice
issued by the State College Borough concerning the proper disposal of
your float after Homecoming. Although it is from last year, I’m sure that
it is still relevant.

Best Regards,

Val Heier
(814) 321-3074


RE: Proper Disposal of Float Materials

Do not to throw your entire float into your dumpster. It is unsafe for the
truck drivers and could damage the trucks. When disposing of float materials,
dismantle the float and put any lumber, chicken wire, and/or large, bulky items
out at the curb or near your dumpster for bulk item collection.

Arrange for this type of pick up by calling the Borough’s Service Building at
234-7135. All float material must be secured properly until pickup occurs.
Crepe paper and similar small items can be bagged, tied securely and
placed in the dumpster for collection.

Remember to clean up all poms promptly before they blow into the street
and onto neighboring properties. Please bear in mind that your float or
sections of your float must not be left on any public sidewalk, street or any
public right-of-way after the parade is over.

In order to take care of post-homecoming clean up, floats need to be
disassembled completely and the materials placed out for collection by 7:00
AM on Friday, October 14, 2016.

If you have any questions about the disposal of your float prior to refuse
pickup, please contact the State College Division of Health and
Neighborhood Services at 234-7191 or the Sanitation Department at 234-7135.

Kevin D. Kassab
Supervisor of Inspections
Division of Health and Neighborhood Services

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