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Rich Breeswine, Penn State 1987, Housing Director
Zeta Psi Fraternity & Pi Sigma Elder Chapter
“Zeta Psi has been a customer of Greg Butts/FratFix for over 10 years and we can very honestly say that the value for the services offered is excellent.  We have maintained our maintenance contract with FratFix and as a result the housing operations run smooth.  We continue to use FratFix general contracting services for large remodeling projects and last year engaged FratFix kitchen services.  As a result our house is always well maintained and the operational costs have been significantly reduced.  Our utility and maintenance costs have been reduced by 48% with our going green upgrades (lighting, insulation, washer/dryers, heat exchangers, etc.).  Our kitchen costs have been reduced by 33% since moving from direct hire cook with food/goods purchased elsewhere to FratFix kitchen services.  It is also important to note that the quality of our food and services have improved dramatically from a frozen/fried operation to a fresh prepared food kitchen.  The overall operational savings as a result of FratFix allows our alumni the additional funds to reinvest in the fraternity house every year.  There was a time when we were wondering how we were going to afford the general repairs to the house and now we are proactively upgrading our house.  Good leadership combined with a well maintained and clean chapter house has helped to increase our recruitment performance.  The alumni now concentrate our time on advising our chapter leaders while FratFix keeps the chapter house in great shape and serves the brothers good and healthy food!”

Alex Leventer, Alumni Advisor, Pi Lambda Phi

Greg and the Fratfix team provide a stress-free fraternity management system for our house. From routine house maintenance, to our entire kitchen operations, to party rentals for events, Fratfix provides us with high-quality, reliable solutions. Fratfix is not only our go-to vendor for all house needs but a trusted advisor. Through Fratfix’s  employee base as well as its large network of local State College partners, Fratfix is able to take care of just about anything a fraternity would need. I highly recommend Greg and the Fratfix team.

Richard Bartnik, Advisor Penn State Theta Chi Fraternity

I have been associated with the Pennsylvania State University chapter of Theta Chi for almost 5 years. During this time I have had the opportunity to interact with FRATFIX and Greg Butts on numerous projects. These have ranged from preventative or normal maintenance projects, to major upgrades of windows, bathrooms, floors or stairs, to emergency middle of the night repairs. It seems as if there is little, that FRATFIX cannot do.

At the same time, I have found that alongside their general contracting capability, FRATFIX is one of the most reliable, dependable, and responsive organizations with whom I have ever dealt. If Greg gives you a cost quote or a completion date, you can count on it. Greg seems to have an uncanny ability to know what needs to be done before work begins which limits the “surprises” which seem normal in the contracting world.

FRATFIX provides a quality product. There is never a necessity to micromanage their work or their costs. They do what they say they will do and they stand solidly behind their work.

Greg Butts and FRATFIX has become our contractor of first choice. In addition to our annual retainer for normal maintenance, we depend on FRATFIX as the foundation for our plans for major upgrades. We have learned that FRATFIX employees treat our house as if it was their own and they complete all work as if it was being done for their own family.

If you have work that needs to be completed, you can do no better than to hire FRATFIX. I would give them my strongest recommendation.”

John Yang, House Manager, Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

Mr. Butts, I am writing to you today to report on our new fraternity chef, Carmen, and her performance this past semester. I will not lie to you; the biggest challenge going into this semester was keeping our members on the meal plan. They heard that we were getting a new chef and thought it was an opportunity to jump ship, but they had absolutely NO idea just what they would have missed out on. I am very pleased to report to you that Carmen, since day one, has been nothing short of phenomenal. In my time as house manager of the fraternity, I’ve received nothing but praise for her from our members. Carmen proved to be an extraordinary cook who demonstrates mastery of her craft time after time. I often find our members frequenting the FRATFIX website to see what is on the menu for the week or actively voicing their excitement for a meal that they’re really looking forward to.

However, it will not do justice to judge her purely on her cooking skills; Carmen has become something of a mother figure to our fraternity. She is extremely approachable and always asks each member how their day is going and takes a genuine interest in our day-to-day lives. Whenever it is someone’s birthday, she will go out of her way to make their day even more special by baking a cake, cooking their favorite meal, or often times, both! I could write to you much more on Carmen’s performance this semester, but I believe my point will suffice to conclude with the following. Carmen has not only become a valuable employee to our fraternity, she brought something truly special to our house and added tremendous value to our entire operation. Thank you.

Zachary Macht, President Sigma Alpha Mu

As a former president of the Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity I’ve spent a great deal of time with FRATFIX and more specifically Greg Butts. In addition to using the services of FRATFIX, Greg is also an advisor to our chapter at Penn State. He is an incredibly caring individual with great intentions. Without his services and kindness to maintain our fraternity I’m confident that our fraternity wouldn’t exist today. There is nothing Greg and the members of the FRATFIX organization cannot do. It is in the best interest of all fraternities at Penn State University to use FRATFIX services for quality, price, and customer satisfaction.

The Brothers of Theta Chi fraternity

This year was the first time we have had a cook since our refounding. It has been a pleasure getting to know Amy and we are fortunate enough to have her here. She has been nothing but nice and always asks how your day is going. She is also very down to Earth and has a great sense of humor. The meal plan for Fratfix has been such a great deal and it is nice coming home to great food. We definitely recommend it!

Dominic Lucchesi, Delta Upsilon President

At a extremely populated institution like Penn State, it is far too easy to fall into the routine of treating customers as dollar signs, and students as numbers. When I started working with Greg and the FRATFIX team, I’ll admit I did not know what to expect.  What I received was the most genuine and sincere customer service of any kind in State College.  We recently made the switch to FRATFIX for our meal plan and kitchen management, and have been nothing short of pleased with the way things have been.  The gentlemen on the meal plan are happier, morale is high, and the meals are well rounded and delicious.  Aside from the work that gets done, my favorite thing about FRATFIX is the hospitality.  Greg and the team actually want to help you in any way they can.  I wish every business in State College was ran like FRATFIX.

Per Ardua, Dom

Joshua Light, President, Zeta Psi Fraternity

 “Before becoming President, I was the housing manager for Zeta Psi at Penn State, coordinating with FRATFIX for both general house maintenance and our meal plan.  During that time, I grew to appreciate our house’s relationship with FRATFIX.  If I ever needed any repairs done, they would be completed in a timely manner after one quick phone call.  Filling the role of a fraternity president is never an easy task, but I knew I could take it on with confidence because of the services and support that Greg and the FRATFIX team would provide to our fraternity.  From last minute repairs before important events, short-notice equipment rentals, or even frozen-pipes and flooding, Greg and the FRATFIX team are ready at all hours of the day to get the job done.  Having a reliable company and an owner like Greg that you can call in almost any situation is a huge advantage for fraternity operations.  With so many other things to focus on as a fraternity president, knowing that your house will be taken care of is a huge relief, and FRATFIX is the company that can guarantee that it will.

We have been customers of FRATFIX for quite some time.  Personally, I’ve lived in the House for the past two years, and have been impressed with FRATFIX and their food service ever since.  Greg hired a young, local, experienced chef, Colton, to cook for our kitchen at Zeta Psi and he has done a fantastic job.  The quality of meals that he is able to provide at the competitive prices that FRATFIX   offers is astounding.  He along with the FRATFIX Management communicate with the brotherhood, going out of their way to make sure that every brother is satisfied with the meals.  Colton always asks for input during menu planning; but to be honest, he is so creative with menus that we don’t really have many suggestions.  In the time he has been here, it feels like he has become a part of the brotherhood because of the friendliness and the quality of his service.

Thanks again Greg, Colton, and the FRATFIX team for the great food and maintenance services you provide for us at Zeta Psi.”