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Kitchen Services

At the FRATFIX Kitchens we are in the business of providing healthy, nutritious and delicious meals at a reasonable cost. This is accomplished in an environment that stresses cleanliness, freshness and professionalism while preparing meals that make our clients feel like they’re eating at home.

What We Do:

If there is too much semester left and your food budget is running on empty, FRATFIX Kitchens has the answer to your dilemma! We negotiate a FIXED price meal plan with you at the beginning of each semester based on the number of participants and type of meals you desire. The meal plan includes a continental breakfast, lunch and dinner five days a week along with a variety of foods so you can create meals at your leisure during the weekend. We also have a featured ‘Theme night’ e.g. Italian, Chinese, Mexican,etc.

We purchase groceries from local merchants several times a week to guarantee freshness. We buy in bulk as much as possible to keep costs low, but we never sacrifice quality to save money.

  • Meat and fish items are purchased from local suppliers and are always fresh, never frozen.
  • Fresh produce items are purchased weekly from local distributors.
  • Weekly standing orders of milk and juices assure freshness (either by container or dispenser).
  • Bread items are purchased weekly to maintain freshness.
  • Snacks are purchased semi-monthly from local distributors to assure they remain fresh and tasty.

But all the finest and freshest ingredients don’t mean much unless they are used by competent and experienced cooks to prepare nutritious and delicious meals. The FRATFIX Kitchens employ state certified cooks. These cooks are hired not only for their experience, ability and attitude but also because they embrace a student centered philosophy and truly care for the young people they prepare meals for. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, if the fraternity is not satisfied we will replace the cook.

Fresh ingredients used in tasty recipes prepared by competent cooks results in delicious meals. The goal is to provide meals that come as close as possible to what mom makes!

FRATFIX Kitchens stress cleanliness as a priority, and in contrast to other kitchen operations, our cooks are an integral part of the effort and are personally involved in keeping the kitchen area, appliances and utensils clean and in professional condition.

Prior to the start-up of a kitchen, we perform a detailed audit and identify issues that need to be corrected and the costs involved to bring the facility, appliances and cooking equipment up to our standards. Any items purchased as part of this process become the property of the fraternity.

The FRATFIX Kitchen management uses the latest computer technology to monitor the kitchen operations. These state-of-the-art systems help control costs and keep the price of the meal plans as low as possible in the face of rising food and fuel costs.

If you have a need for some great food for a special occasion, large or small, contact us. We cater for alumni picnics, tailgates or other special gatherings that you may be planning.