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Rental Agreement

 FRATFIX, Inc. Rental Agreement

FRATFIX, Inc. offers delivery and pickup of rental items. We deliver and pick up to ground level only.

Scheduling of Delivery/Pick Up: Request for rental items must be made at least 72 hours in advance. A surcharge may be added for requests that are made later.

Order Changes: Additional equipment orders made 48 hours in advance of the scheduled delivery are welcome, subject to availability.

Pricing: All prices quoted are one-day rates unless otherwise specified. Special arrangements must be made in advance if you desire equipment for more than one day. 

Payment: Full payment on all orders is due upon the receipt of a FRATFIX invoice.

Loss or Damage: Tables, chairs, and boxes are not waterproof, and must not be allowed to get wet. Customers will be charged for breakage, damaged, or missing items, and linens damaged beyond repair.

Tables and Chairs: Our service DOES NOT include set-up or knock down of tables or chairs. Chairs and tables will be delivered stacked, and must be stacked for pick up.

Linen and Skirting: Linens must be shaken free of debris, DRY, and returned to the hangers and/or bags provided with delivery. All linens and skirting must be free of food and decoration debris. Please return skirting to their original hangers.

FRATFIX Inc. strives to maintain our rental equipment to the highest standards. If you don’t see something on the list on our website, please call. We are adding new inventory items throughout the year.