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FratFix Van

\\ FRATFIX offers a comprehensive set of services from maintenance to event management to ensure your fraternity operates efficiently and stress-free.  More

Being ranked No. 5 nationally, the football team is performing much better than most people expected. Let’s hope they can continue this winning streak.  

With November upon us, it’s time to start  planning for the Thanksgiving Break. To help in your preparation, FRATFIX  can provide the necessary services to keep your house secure and code compliant while you’re on break.

We can also provide the materials and labor to help with the annual Holiday decorating of your house.

Use the Supplies, Rentals or Work Order Request options under the Service Request tab. If you have questions call (814) 880-3131.   

Visit our Event Planning Page for details on how FRATFIX can help plan all your future events including the rental of tables, chairs and other necessities.

If you have any questions, call us at (814) 880-3131, or send us an email at We are also on Facebook.