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FratFix Van

\\ FRATFIX offers a comprehensive set of services from maintenance to event management to ensure your fraternity operates efficiently and stress-free.  More

Hope you are surviving this weather. It sure makes Spring Break sound better and better. Fortunately it starts next week.

If you need someone to watch your house during the break, please call FRATFIX at (814) 880-3131 to get the details of our services.

With the cold weather, don’t forget to take precautions to avoid pipes from freezing. For guidelines, see the post under the Blog tab.

FRATFIX sells winter materials such as ice melt at a competitive price. These can be ordered using the Supplies Request option under the Service Request tab.    

Visit our Event Planning Page to find out how FRATFIX can help plan all your future events including the rental of tables, chairs and other necessities.

We have made some changes to our website, especially on the ‘Supplies Page’ to reduce the amount of scrolling necessary. 

If you have any questions, call us at (814) 880-3131, submit a supplies or work request (see CUSTOMERS tab above) or send us an email at We are also on Facebook.