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Spring Break Security

February 12, 2015 | By | No Comments

The Spring Break starts in about three weeks and I’m sure you are looking forward to some time  away from the classroom; hopefully enjoy some sun or just visit family and friends.

If you are a Penn State fraternity, FRATFIX can make your Spring Break more relaxing and less worrisome by providing some basic security checks to your house while your gone.  To request this service call Greg at (814) 880-3131.

For our regular customers we want to remind you that we will, as in past years, perform the following tasks during the break as part of our maintenance program:
• Conduct a regular walk-through of your house to check for potential problems.
• Check all systems and appliances for proper settings during non-use, this includes: boilers, freezers, coolers, stoves, dish washers, etc.
• Keep the building and properties code compliant by timely removal of snow, ice and litter.
• Make sure your house is secure by checking all windows, exits and entrances.

 We at FRATFIX hope that you have an enjoyable and safe Spring Break.

Best Regards


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